How a detox can save your skin this winter

How a detox can save your skin this winter

Winter and the resulting behavioral changes, can be bad for your skin for a variety of reasons. A winter detox can reverse the damage winter does to your skin.

5 ways winter can be bad for your skin

#1 Lower humidity levels suck more moisture out of your skin.
This leaves it more prone to becoming dry and flaky. This can be exacerbated if you suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

#2 Central heating dries out your skin.

Hot air in indoor environments can lead to moisture evaporating from your skin at a faster rate. Artificial heat also means there is less moisture in the air to being with.

#3 Cold air tightens up your pores and reduces your blood circulation.

This reduces the naturally moisturising chemical sebum (that that provides a waterproof and lubricating barrier to the skin as well as trapping moisture) This can cause your skin to to crack and dry out.

#4 Drastic temperature change isn’t good for your skin

The significant increase in temperature when going from warm and toasty buildings inside to the freezing cold outdoors can cause your capillaries to rapidly expand and contract. Which can lead to broken veins and skin redness.

#5 Winter clothing can block your skin
Hats, gloves and scarves in particular are the worst offenders. They are necessary to protect us from excessive cold and help regulate our core body temperature of course. However, they can create a barrier between your skin and oxygen which prevents your body from getting rid of oils properly, which can lead to blemishes and acne.

What is a detox?

Facial skin detoxing

A body detox is when you follow a healthy/healthier diet in order to help your body get rid of the natural build-up of toxins.

A skin detox is when you use skincare products to help improve your skin condition (a body detox can also improve the condition of your skin)

Some tell tale signs you may need a skin detox:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Dry skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Wrinkly or saggy skin
  • Oily skin

The benefits of detoxing

There are many benefits to getting a detox

Physical benefits – The main results of toxins being cleared from your major organs is that your body can have better functionality than it previously did before you began your detox.
Detoxing can solve the aforementioned skin problems as well as preventing them from occurring in the first place.

Mental benefits – Brain function can be improved due to the improved nutritional value derived from detoxing. This leads to enhanced concentration levels, better cognitive function and an elevated mood. If your brain is in good condition it will be easier for your body to be too.

Your skin is the largest organ you have and performs some important functions such as:

Absorption – Your skin can absorb oxygen, nitrogen and other chemicals in small amounts. This is why doctors sometimes prescribe medicine in the form of topical ointments and creams.

Temperature regulation – This is done through sweating when it’s too hot to get rid of heat. And your hairs standing up on end when it’s too cold to trap heat.

Sensation – Your skin carries vital nerve endings which allow you to feel different sensations such as:

  • Touch
  • Heat
  • Cold
  • Pain
  • Injury

Protection – Your skin is the barrier that is your first line of protection from any harmful substances, including radiation and toxins. Sweating can also help your body get rid of toxins.

So it’s vital that you keep it in great condition, particularly when colder weather puts it under increased stress. A skin detox can go a long way to helping you do this.

Different types of skin detoxing

There are a few types of skin detoxes to choose from

Facial Treatments – We use the following Caudalie masks in our facial treatments:

  • Instant detox mask: This mask draws out impurities and toxins which helps to even out your complexion and tighten up your pores
  • Glycolic Peel: This type of mask is highly recommended if you’re suffering from a dull complexion
  • Purifying mask: Great for preventing skin breakouts, particularly if you have oily skin

Exfoliate – On average we shed around 1 million skin cells per day. These dead skin cells (if they are not removed) can build up over time and block your pores, causing blackheads and whiteheads to appear. Regularly exfoliating can help to remove the dead skin cells on the surface of your skin. Another benefit of exfoliation is that your skin will have a fresher look and feel as a result of the removal of dead skin cells.

Caudalie have a great range of exfoliating products, which we also use as part of our Caudalie treatments offering.

Skin Cleansing – Skin cleansing can help to remove dirt oil and other unwanted debris from the surface of your skin. The right skin cleanser, used the right way can make a massive difference to your skin. Skin cleansing, is vital to good skin health.

Herbal Tea – You can also make your skin look and feel great on the outside by using something that does its work from the inside of your body. Drinking Caudalie’s Organic Herbal Tea can help your body to get rid of excess water and harmful toxins. This is in addition to giving you a nutritional boost. If you’d like some samples, you can come visit Body & Sole in Ealing.

A skin detox is good for your health

Health benefits of detoxing your skin

Some of these treatments can be tricky to carry out properly on your own. The best results tend to happen when they are done regularly and properly by expertly trained beauticians with high quality products. All of which applies to Body and Sole.

Remember your skin is an organ; winter can make it harder for it to function, which makes it harder for you to function.

Winter can already be tough on your mind and body. A skin detox can make it a little easier, making winter a bit more enjoyable for you.

You can even save 10% when you book a course of 4 or 6 one hour facials or massage treatments.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a winter detox at Body & Sole. We promise you’ll leave us feeling a lot better than when you first arrived.